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Islamic Headstones for Muslims and Cemetery Rules and Regulations

Nearly all cemeteries will have regulations in regards to the types of headstones that are permissible on their grounds. Generally there will be guidelines for type, size, and what materials can be used for a headstone. Before you order an Islamic headstone for your departed loved one, we encourage you to contact your cemetery and familiarize yourself with their rules and regulations.

What you should know for a Muslim gravestone.

Cemeteries often have sections separated by faiths and their guidelines may be different for an Islamic graveyard section than others. For instance, it is common for Muslim sections to only have flat grave markers vs other sections that may be restricted to standing headstones. Some cemeteries may even require all graves to have a standing headstone or a bronze plate installation regardless of religion or burial section. Be sure to make it clear to the cemetery representative that you are inquiring about a headstone for a Muslim grave.


Below are some questions you may want to ask your cemetery.

What type of memorials & headstones are allowed for an Islamic grave? Some examples: flat granite grave marker, standing headstone, companion, flat bronze grave marker, spaced companion, individual marker, do they need to be marked in English, are multiple languages allowed etc.

Are there any color restrictions for Granite? In regards to color, usually the only restrictions are placed on the granite base of bronze markers. But on some rare occasions, color restrictions may apply. We do keep the three most popular and accepted colors in stock. Many other colors are available for special order.

Are there any color restrictions on bronze markers? Coloring, sometimes referred to by cemeteries as oxidation, is generally not restricted. However, some cemeteries may limit the color to light or dark brown.

What minimum and maximum headstone sizes are allowed? Usually there are a range of headstone sizes that are allowed. Please make sure the headstone size you order is allowed at the cemetery.

Are flower vases allowed? Not all cemeteries allow vases but many do. Some may restrict vases to a separate standing vase made of granite. Others may require a bronze vase inserted in the grave marker.

Is a special edge required on the headstone? A cemetery may require a lawnmower proof edge or a 2inch bevel etc.

Is there any paperwork that is needed to be completed before the headstone arrives or is delivered? It’s common for cemeteries to have permits that require next of kin or lot owners signatures and authorization before a headstone may be delivered.

What are the installation fees? Most cemeteries charge a fee for headstone installation. Depending on the cemetery, we may require a receipt for the installation fee to send with your headstone to avoid any delivery or installation delays.

Are there any inspection fees? It’s unusual for cemeteries to charge inspection fees but on some rare occasions they will. Inspection fees are more seen with bronze memorials than other types of headstones.


Required Cemetery Paperwork

Usually cemeteries require their documents to be completed and signed by the grave owner or next of kin to authorize the cemetery for installation of the headstone. These documents may need information about the monument dealer, headstone specifications, including granite size, color, and bronze plate (if required/allowed). Cemeteries may also request a drawing of the headstone.

Be Prepared and Know Your Rights

In regards to Muslim memorials, most cemeteries will cooperate and help you in purchasing a memorial from a different monument supplier. They are aware of their own language and design limitations and want to make it easier for you to provide a proper memorial from your loved one. A few, however, may tell you that you must purchase a headstone from them or try to tack on extra charges for purchasing an Islamic headstone from another monument supplier. Both the charges and the restrictions are illegal as per the Federal Trade Commission and should be reported. That said, if you just mention the Federal Trade Commission their attitudes will usually become a lot more accommodating.

Here are some of the objections some cemeteries may present to try and prevent you from purchasing a headstone from other monument suppliers.

They may tell you that their quality of the cemetery headstone is superior to other monument suppliers. As a matter of fact, monument suppliers such as Sahih Memorials purchase headstones from the same sources that cemeteries do.

A popular phrase used by cemeteries is that they are not responsible for the headstone purchased from a monument supplier. While they may not be responsible for damage caused by acts of nature, shipping, or vandalism, they certainly are responsible for damage caused by worker negligence.

You may be told that an additional fee will be charged if you purchase the headstone from another monument supplier. It is illegal as they are penalizing you for purchasing the headstone from a monument supplier of your choice.

You may be told that as long as the cemetery meets your requirement for a headstone you are not allowed to purchase it from other monument suppliers. This is illegal and should be reported to the Federal Trade Commission.

While most cemeteries will be accommodating, it’s good to know your rights and to be prepared for those few unscrupulous cemeteries that may try to use scare tactics and illegal pricing schemes. If you feel you are being targeted, let them know you will report them to the Federal Trade Commission and the Better Business Bureau. In most cases that will be enough for them to stop pursuing such tactics.

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